Aero on 24th: Student Housing Brand

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The Challenge

The challenges faced by Kayne Capital were ones familiar to all student housing developers. The first was how to stand out in a crowded market. The second was how to get students and their parents to sign leases during a few short windows of opportunity dictated by the course calendar each year.

To meet those objectives, the company turned to Bigeye. They knew that we partner with the most respected developers in the country and that our expertise in student housing naming, branding, and promotion is second to none. Our years of multi-family property marketing experience has prepared us for the challenge.

Our Approach

From our successful collaborations with developers on other student housing communities across the country, we know that catching the eye of prospective residents with a unique offering is top priority. All of our creative executions and strategies centered on this idea of standing out in a crowded landscape of nearby student properties.

With the property being somewhat removed from the University of Florida and the students the development caters to, the leasing office was opened closer to campus in order to bridge that distance. All the details—from signage to wall coverings to furnishings—were carefully selected to highlight the opportunity for an “elevated experience” and the connection to the history of The University of Florida at Aero on 24th.


The brand was embraced by students and locals, taking on a life of its own at tailgates and events. We started from nothing and created a vibrant, flexible campaign full of personality and heart that connected and embraced true “local” culture and vernacular, resulting in the ultimate reward—selling out of virtually all units before even opening.

And while the positive outcome for the client is what we’re happiest about, we also take some pride in an industry accolade we received. Our work for Aero on 24th won a silver American Advertising (ADDY) Award in the Integrated Branding Campaign category.

“After several project across different states, we are thrilled to have found a strong partnership with the talented minds at Bigeye. They help us understand the local culture and crate brands that are exciting to the community.” Alex Candia, Director of Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors

Digging Deep to Create the Right Brand

It’s not uncommon for student housing developers to be advised by their marketing firms to settle on a name that “sounds good” (meaning it has a trendy ring) and a visual aesthetic that “looks good” (meaning it borrows from the school’s color palette). At Bigeye, we take a more thoughtful approach, and create community names and brand identities that are more substantial and grounded in the cultural identity of the location itself—capturing the essence of the environment and putting our own unique spin on it.

The visual aesthetic we defined and handed off to the community also includes a color palette with a collegiate, youthful tone balanced by certain “worn and weathered” aspects that give it a subtly “retro” feel. That same kind of balancing can be seen in the photography, with exciting college memories contrasted with quieter, more serious moments, merging lifestyle with learning.