AM Surgical: Medical Device Marketing

Strategy & Positioning, Messaging, Campaign Creation & Development, Adaptable Creative, Copywriting, Website & Voice Development

The Challenge

Founded by Ather Mirza, MD, A.M. Surgical was established in 1995 and has since become a leading innovator in the hand surgery space. Specializing in skeletal and soft-tissue surgical tools for hand and wrist procedures, A.M. Surgical has developed many influential treatments over the years and they reached out to Bigeye to help bring the Stratos Device for carpal and cubital tunnel to market. Addressing the damage done and pain produced by these syndromes, the Stratos effectively gives patients back the use of their hands. Our team used our expertise in strategic medical device marketing to bring awareness of this treatment to those in need.

Our Approach

We designed a medical device marketing strategy that centered on national broadcast TV to drive awareness and understanding of the Stratos. Our team scripted, filmed, produced, and edited video advertisements that have increased name recognition and increased adoption. The videos focused on the improvement in quality of life felt by patients, the effectiveness of the device in relieving nearly all symptoms, and the procedure’s short recovery time.


Our medtech marketing team crafted four incredibly compelling videos that highlight the uses, results, and revolutionary technology of the Stratos surgical device. The high-quality content we created on a tight timeline exemplifies the level of sophistication and professionalism we bring to every project.

Reaching Our Audiences

Research we undertook early in the engagement highlighted the need to make patients aware of this groundbreaking tool, but recognized that physicians would need to be aware of the technology to make a referral. We segmented the audiences, first focusing on referring physicians with an education-led program. Our second audience was comprised of patients. Even though patients wouldn’t actually use the device, no one is better positioned to advocate for their health. Capitalizing on the momentum created, we connected with the third, but equally crucial audience of hand clinics that are the actual purchasers of the product.