Florida Credit Union: Financial Services Marketing

Strategy & Positioning, Messaging, Campaign Creation & Development, Adaptable Creative, Copywriting, Website & Voice Development

The Challenge

A top financial services provider in North-Central Florida, Florida Credit Union (FCU) handles over $1 billion in assets annually. Looking to outsource their advertising efforts, FCU invited select Florida agencies to vie for their business. After an extensive selection process, Florida Credit Union chose Bigeye as their financial services marketing agency to handle all their communications needs.

Our Approach

Over the last few years, several high-profile incidents caused bank customers to wonder how safe their money and personal information were. Nationally, it’s estimated that each year, up to 44 million traditional bank customers consider switching to another financial institution: this presents a significant opportunity for credit unions.

However, primary research that we conducted early in the brand development process revealed that many prospective members within FCU’s geographic footprint of North-Central Florida were unaware of the differences between banks and credit unions. Led by these insights, the Bigeye team developed creative campaigns for the credit union’s financial services advertising initiatives with messaging that sought to educate while providing clarity about the organization’s function and services.


As an experienced financial services marketing agency, we developed campaigns that delivered a tremendous increase in membership interest and new member sign-ups. Revitalized branding welcomed target audiences and evoked a sense of community to drive loyalty. Plus, to ensure the branding stays consistent, we provided comprehensive corporate guidelines that have stabilized FCU’s visual identity and increased consumer trust.

Reaching New Credit Union Members

To address complementary strategies of new member sign-ups and existing account retention, we applied audience segmention modeling. This enabled us to identify and target current members as well as two generational cohorts that our research indicated would be most open to switching from a traditional retail bank to a credit union. In addition, we were able to identify which factors were most important to these audiences, such as easy and convenient banking experiences, advice tailored to their individual circumstances, availability of online services, and preferences for in-branch, human assistance.

Banks Can Be Fun?

Our playful messaging brought new energy and excitement to this credit union. We created bright, rounded iconography along with soft typography to make the concept of banking inviting. To this end, we created new print collateral as well as video placements featuring Danny Wuerffel, a Florida native who won the Heisman Award, that highlighted and built on the new core message: “Member owned. Community proud.” By weaving positive energy throughout the brand, our team was able to position Florida Credit Union as an approachable financial partner rather than an imposing financial institution.

Discover Get-Real Banking Campaign

To get people interested in banking on a more personal level, we developed an interesting and engaging campaign. In what has historically been a sophisticated (some might even say “stuffy”) industry, our financial services marketing agency team crafted a positive, approachable personality. Then we composed messages that played off that personality and resonated with our audiences, motivating them to join Florida Credit Union. Ultimately, the new branding and campaign made consumers feel connected and eager to learn more.