Kährs: Digital Marketing Campaign

Strategy & Positioning, Messaging, Campaign Creation & Development, Adaptable Creative, Copywriting, Website & Voice Development

The Challenge

When Kährs, a flooring manufacturer with a storied 160-year history, wanted to make waves in a new market, they turned to Bigeye to launch and optimize a digital campaign across social media platforms and relevant websites that tells their brand story.

Unimpressed with their current brand awareness initiatives, we helped showcase their extensive product offerings and position Kährs as the go-to place to find luxurious flooring for homeowners and interior designers alike.

Our Approach

The main objective of the multi-platform, fully integrated campaign was to drive foot traffic to the Kährs pop-up shop that displayed the brand history along with samples of the wide range of flooring options.

Using detailed geofencing and granular audience targeted, we reached interior designers, architects, construction industry distributors, and commercial flooring contractors all in the New York City metro area with digital ads that showcase the array of beautiful products available. We let the elegant products speak for themselves.


With the impressive campaign results the Bigeye team delivered, Kährs successfully entered the notoriously competitive New York City market. Deploying top-notch creative assets with a precision-targeted strategy garnered undeniable results. Our campaign, which garnered 6,225,107 total impressions, got the word out about the pop-up shop — and allowed it to be a rousing success.

Other impressive results:
• $1.35 Cost Per Session
• $1.57 Cost Per User
• 9.9% Ad Recall Lift Rate on Facebook