Kestra Apartments: Property Marketing Campaign

Strategy & Positioning, Messaging, Campaign Creation & Development, Adaptable Creative, Copywriting, Website & Voice Development

The Challenge

Looking to launch a new multifamily offering, Epoch Residential reached out to Bigeye to develop a brand that would establish a rich and welcoming narrative for their newest apartment homes. As an experienced multifamily marketing agency, we crafted an inspiring brand built on personal growth and freedom for this beautiful, tree-lined property.

Our Approach

To create the foundation for an authentic and meaningful brand, our apartment marketing team conducted research into the history of the area and the new community’s scenic setting. In a nod to the American Kestrel, a small falcon often seen soaring overhead, we landed on the perfect name: Kestra. With that decision made, we were ready to dive into crafting a brand that would resonate with the target audience and have a connection to the community’s location. The result was a fresh, bright, energetic aesthetic that made its way into every creative element.


Kestra was awarded “Top Apartment Project of 2018” in the Orlando Business Journal and won both a district and local ADDY for website development. Extremely pleased with their returns on this project, Epoch Residential continues to seek our apartment marketing assistance with new ones. And we are excited to continue creating engaging brands for their communities as a multifamily marketing agency.

“Bigeye has an impressive ability to capture a personality and express it through imagery, copy, collateral, and websites. We were always ‘wowed’ with each name, logo, and campaign concept presentation.” – Sara Montuori, Director of Marketing of Epoch Residential

Reaching Young Professionals that are Apartment Hunting

To truly know a place and its people, there’s really no substitute for talking to people who live there. Our multifamily advertising team used qualitative research to spark insights into what would resonate with professionals working in the vicinity of world-famous theme parks: an apartment community that is an oasis amid the area’s hustle and bustle. Overlaying socioeconomic and demographic data, we defined an important secondary audience: people new to the area who are looking to get acclimated before investing in a home.

Finding the Right Name

Researching the area’s history, our team discovered that it was once home to a bed and breakfast that had been in the process of becoming a certified bird sanctuary and nature preserve. This led us to the American Kestrel, a native bird admired for its grace and beauty. From “Kestrel” it was a short trip to “Kestra” – a unique and memorable name made even more so by its backstory.

A Nature-Inspired Brand

Our multifamily marketing agency team used the name Kestra as a springboard into logos, iconography, textures, voice, print, and graphic elements. We crafted a bright and inviting brand identity system for Kestra that also includes greenery to salute the developer’s inspired decision to preserve as much of the property’s natural canopy as possible.