Maria & Enzo’s: Brand Campaign

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The Challenge

Patina Restaurant Group, a global restaurant owner with high-end establishments in locations like New York City, was seeking a creative partner. They needed to reevaluate and rebrand an underperforming Sunday Brunch offering at Maria & Enzo’s, a premier Italian-themed restaurant at Disney Springs. As a restaurant marketing agency, we were excited to capture the Italian spirit and entice consumers to taste “la dolce vita.” We gladly accepted the challenge of transforming the brunch experience from bland to “Ciao Bella!”

Our Approach

To formulate the restaurant’s marketing plan, our strategy team leveraged a combination of quantitative and qualitative research. We utilized information about non-resident and drive market visitors to Disney Springs, transactional data from the restaurant’s POS system, and findings from primary research conducted with guests. As a restaurant branding agency, augmented by hands-on discovery activities and an audit of creative assets, we synthesized the data to yield actionable insights. These ultimately informed and supported our strategy: to rebuild the brunch’s brand identity from the ground up.


The new “Have Amoré” brunch brand has created strong returns in brand awareness, brunch attendance, and revenue. By giving a unique identity to this weekly event, our restaurant marketing agency initiated a conversation in the community that centered on the value of a themed brunch experience. With creative marketing ideas, restaurants like Maria & Enzo’s can reach new levels of profitability. Leveraging digital marketing campaign analysis, our team optimized placements to connect with consumers on the platforms that delivered the highest returns at the lowest ad spends. This led us to the Facebook Mobile News Feed, which ultimately generated nearly half of our early conversions. The Patina Restaurant Group was impressed with the development and launch of the new sub-brand, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Reaching Brunch-Goers

Research findings prompted our team to target two primary audiences: families and the downtown brunch crowd. We then further segmented the family audience into tourists and local residents in order to micro-target by location.

Implementing the Breezy Brunch Vibe

As a restaurant marketing agency, we provided a new name, visual identity, in-restaurant experience, menus, staff scripting, and on-site signage, that creatively brought the vision of the Sunday Brunch experience at Maria & Enzo’s to life. Our creatives started by renaming the existing brunch to the new “Have Amoré Sunday Brunch,” where you can “Dolcé the Day Away!”

From there, our team explored brand identity, expanded brand visuals, and initiated brand implementation processes. Consumer data, along with our own creative findings, drove our restaurant marketing strategies. Our creative team developed full advertising campaigns and media buys that covered print, out-of-home, and digital media, all to raise awareness of the new Sunday Brunch experience for our primary audiences.

Viva Italia Online

Our digital deliverables leverage unique imagery and data-driven messaging to bring the new brunch brand to life. Utilizing in-depth consumer analysis and marketing performance tracking, we implemented personalized ad sets narrowly geofenced for each audience segment. Informed by attribution analysis, our placements resonated deeply with each market. To bring prospects through the entire buyer’s journey effectively, we crafted performance-based landing pages that connect to OpenTable. This strategy helps increase conversion rates and generate more business by moving customers directly from interest to action. To generate high-value leads, we highlight classic Italian dishes and drinks both on collateral and landing pages. This differentiates the “Have Amoré” brunch, increases brand awareness, and encourages advocacy.