Moe’s Healthy Pets: DTC Brand Development

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The Challenge

95 percent of pet owners consider their furry friends as part of their family, but only 51% of dog owners give them supplements. When it came to finding healthy supplements to give their pets, consumers were frustrated by the lack of healthy, honest choices available online.

Moe’s Healthy Pets is a Direct to Consumer pet product brand that is focused on creating simple supplements that help pets live happier, healthier lives. With a formulated product that dogs love already, they needed a complete brand system and a strategic eCommerce campaign to bring the brand to market.

Moe’s Healthy Pets chose us to channel our DTC marketing and Amazon sales expertise into a multi-channel marketing plan from the ground up in order to successfully launch the new CPG brand into a competitive market.

Our Approach

We fielded two waves of qualitative and quantitative research with a combined 4,000 respondents to understand US pet parents and their unmet needs from the current pet supplement market. The results from which guided every single one of our decisions — from the colors we chose for the packaging design to where we implemented the programmatic display campaigns.

Armed with detailed consumer insights, we developed a playful brand story that we communicate throughout all messaging, packaging, website, and social media channels. Because Moe’s Healthy Pets is a DTC brand, we focused our efforts on developing a product-focused Shopify website, as well as building dominance in the category on Amazon so pet parents could easily find the supplements to keep their dogs healthy.


With a heartwarming brand story paired with targeted media campaigns using detailed consumer insights, Moe’s Healthy Pets launched successfully into the crowded pet product space with thousands of dollars worth of sales within days of introducing the brand. Just take a look at the remarkable results:

• After launching the integrated marketing sales campaign, there has been an impressive conversion rate of 4%. Facebook advertising has accounted for 96.8% of the goal completions.

• Since the Amazon Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns launched, there have been an astounding 4,837,934 impressions that have driven thousands of dollars in sales.

• The paid social campaigns across multiple platforms accounts for 58% of traffic to the Moe’s Shopify eCommerce website.

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