Ritz Carlton Residences: Property Marketing Campaign

Strategy & Positioning, Messaging, Campaign Creation & Development, Adaptable Creative, Copywriting, Website & Voice Development

The Challenge

In a project focused on taking luxury living to a whole new level, Unicorp National Developers partnered with Ritz-Carlton to build The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Grande Lakes. As a skilled hospitality marketing agency, we were engaged to develop interactive branding to get consumers intrigued.

Our Approach

Knowing that these high-end estates would need stunning deliverables, our team created a sophisticated sales campaign that leveraged our extensive experience in marketing for hospitality and tourism. Collaborating with interior design teams, developers, and Ritz-Carlton representatives, we crafted a seamless brand experience consisting of refined messaging paired with breathtaking visuals.


This campaign led to a dramatic increase in awareness and sales for The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Grande Lakes. As an experienced hospitality marketing agency, we used our expertise to drive interest, applications, and ultimately, conversions. Just a few weeks after the initial delivery, we were asked for a full brochure reprint as demand for the piece had exceeded the expectations of the leasing officers.

“We’ve worked with Bigeye many times, and I continue to be impressed with their skill in taking abstract ideas and turning them into fully realized creative output,” said Chuck Whittall, Unicorp president. “On this project in particular, they were able to bring input from multiple stakeholders into perfect alignment to help prospective clients understand what the community has to offer in terms of Unicorp quality and Ritz-Carlton style,” added Daina Todd, Unicorp Project Coordinator.

Reaching Our Audiences

Our hotel marketing team knew that these luxury residences offered by such an internationally recognized brand would appeal to the most affluent consumers, for whom status and image are important. Quantitative research revealed that 78% of consumers in the market for these residences already own at least one property outright – a data point that we utilized when crafting buyer personas. An audience segmentation reflecting affluent consumers with families and data-driven insights guided the communications brief for these Ritz-Carlton residences, enabling a laser-like focus on the factors that resonate most with premium buyers.

Build Out

In order to properly portray these incredibly elegant estates to consumers, our hotel marketing agency crafted materials that mirror the opulence of these estates. We produced pieces that honor both the grand residences and their well-known namesake. Our team designed print, digital, in-hotel collateral, and environmental experiences to represent the community with the same sense of quality and refinement that it evokes.

Crafting the Website

At The Ritz-Carlton Residences, homeowner, community, and environment blend seamlessly. Our hospitality marketing agency team wrote messaging that reinforces this idea, using phrasing such as “in perfect unison.” We also crafted every element of the website to be clean, soft, and indulgent, making the audience feel more at home with every click. The end result of all the decisions our design team made is a website that gives each visitor a taste of what awaits them.