SPRIM: DTC Brand Campaign

Strategy & Positioning, Messaging, Campaign Creation & Development, Adaptable Creative, Copywriting, Website & Voice Development

The Challenge

With over 400 clients worldwide, SPRIM is a multidisciplinary team that brings healthcare products to market on a global scale. They reached out to us when looking to establish a brand for DHA Benefit, a prenatal vitamin that sources its Omega 3 from krill in a revolutionary offering. We developed a brand, packaging, campaign, and more to market this innovative supplement to expectant mothers.

Our Approach

Pinpointing and explaining what makes DHA Benefit so effective would be the key to success for this campaign. Once we understood the positive impact this supplement has on prenatal development due to its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, we were even more excited about helping SPRIM spread the word about it to the appropriate audiences. Emphasizing the company’s trustworthiness, the product’s sophistication, and the health benefits for both mother and child in the branding, our creative team crafted Amazon thumbnails, bottle labels, packaging, a website, and a digital campaign to promote DHA Benefit to millions of pregnant women across the nation.


DHA Benefit was a groundbreaking prenatal offering for which our team conducted in-depth research for consumer, market, and medical applications. Our designers delivered customized, eye-catching branding that worked in tandem with each collateral extension to form an elevated product offering. Impressed with our expertise in medical concepts and high quality of work, SPRIM has continued to partner with us on numerous ventures and we look forward to the next.

Reaching Pregnant Mothers and Healthcare Providers

During our initial research, we reviewed reports from the CDC and Pew Research that highlighted how first-time mothers in the US are getting older, with many bearing children in their 30s and 40s. These first-time moms are naturally the most anxious about their pregnancy and actively seek out advice from healthcare professionals to ensure that their baby is born healthy. Expectant mothers are typically advised to ensure they get sufficient omega-3 fats through diet or supplementation.

While our primary audience was expectant mothers, we recognized that gaining the confidence of healthcare providers would be integral to successfully delivering patient education and establishing first-time parents’ trust. To this end, our audience segmentation modeling included OB-GYNs and nurses.

Building the Brand

Based on extensive research, our design team created a brand identity that portrays SPRIM as an approachable women’s health mentor providing an advanced prenatal supplement. From there, our creative team developed packaging, a marketing campaign, and a website that increases awareness of DHA Benefit while simultaneously enhancing SPRIM’s credibility. We did this by providing product benefit information that is easy to understand and supporting it with materials designed to put target audiences at ease.

Packaging Design for Nutraceuticals

Working within strict FDA guidelines, our design team generated engaging and informational packaging, from bottle labels to boxes. These materials highlight benefits related to brain and eye development, as well as the fact that DHA Benefit is GMO-free and sourced from krill.